Mt Gox: 530,000 MORE Bitcoins Still Exist!

It doesn’t seem as though this news has hit the US media yet. But a recent petition in Japan has alleged that ~530,000 bitcoins were being transferred by Mt Gox between March 7 and 10. 

Engrish version here.

And here’s the direct evidence: all the suspiciously large transactions here, and all the suspicious recent transactions here (which Mt Gox recently took down the list for– too late!)

[I have added up all the transactions listed on those two pages, not counting repeats, and it totals about 140,000 BTC. Insignificant considering that the “List of Largest Transactions” only lists 500 transactions, many of which were not confirmed.]

As of yet, neither Karpeles nor the lawyer covering the case, Kobayashi Nobuaki, has responded to these points.

I anticipate how they will respond. Maybe they won’t. Maybe this will be another Dorian Nakamoto. But I doubt that. A lot of money is at stake here. As in, about half a billion dollars at current rates. And nobody lets money get off the hook.

Karpeles won’t escape. Bitcoin transactions are all recorded. Once he makes a move, the entire Bitcoin community will sniff every detail out.

I can’t wait for the denouement.